RosenDiehl – A Supply Shop Company w/ Vintage Diehls & Ritzy Rose

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A Supply Shop Company

The company that brings you the brands Ritzy Rose & Vintage Diehls.

Welcome to the new  RosenDiehl began in 2010 with the launch of The Ritzy Rose, a handcrafted wedding brand. This was followed up with the launch of Vintage Diehls, a vintage apparel and accessory company.  Now RosenDiehl is proud to bring you simply… RosenDiehl – Supply Shop Company.

RosenDiehl – Supply Shop Company brings you high quality supplies for jewelry, brooch bouquets, crafts and more.  Newly produced goods, hard to find new old stock supplies, and vintage components make up RosenDiehl.  Find the full range of products on Etsy today!

Stay tuned for massive updates to this website.  Happy Shopping!

Ritzy Rose Handcrafted Wedding Accessories

The Ritzy Rose is the flagship brand of RosenDiehl.  It has been known for high quality handcrafted wedding accessories.  Here Comes the Brides Signs are now for sale on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and their Shopify store.  Shop brooch bouquets from the creator of Miranda Lambert’s custom bridal bouquet.


Vintage Diehls Apparel Jewelry Accessories

Vintage Diehls is their vintage apparel and accessories brand.  Find a wide range of vintage apparel, jewelry and accessories on both eBay and Etsy.

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